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Photobucket bandwidth issues is now a problem for the community. I used to save all of the secrets sent on my computer and then uploaded them on Photobucket, but it can't be this way anymore. From now on we'll only accept secrets uploaded to tinypic.com because secrets uploaded on other places are always deleted, and from now on I'm just going to copy the link you give us and paste it on our post instead of uploading it myself.


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Hullo there, guys!.

I know I'm late once more with the secrets post. But I've been busier than ever, but.... I will make the post tomorrow, I promise. Just please, someone PM tomorrow so I won't forget :D thankie!

You still have time to post some more secrets ;D
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Hey guys, I'm making a Beatles Spam over at my journal chester_bnngton . It's unlocked so everyone can see it and everyone can participate :D go see it!!!

There are NO rules. All you have to do is comment there with ANYTHING related to The Beatles.

Things to post
Pictures, videos, quotes, articles, interviews, icons, graphics, lyrics, etc etc
You can ask my opinion on something related to The Beatles
Ask me anything about The Beatles
Comment on other people's comments

Just SPAM my journal with Beatley stuff as many times as you want :D


Guys, I'm incredibly sorry for not updating the community in ages, but these weeks have been really stressful for me and it's been kind of impossible for me to keep up all my online duties. But I promise I'll update the community this weekend (probably Friday) if you don't see an update on Friday, feel free to PM me at chester_bnngton  and tell me to burn in hell or just to remind me about my ol' good community. I'm really really sorry :(
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I just wanted to let you know, that since the last post I've been working with im_a_mocker and beatle9. From now on they are mods too, but we use only one account beatlesecretmod, so I guess you won't know who's making the post hehe.

Thanks to im_a_mocker and beatle9 for their help, I really appreciate it and I'm really sorry I've been a lousy moderator lately. So from now on, there won't be late posts anymore.
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I've been really busy this week and I'm already half week late with the secrets post, so I should just let it for this weekend. So you can still send us your secrets and I'll make the post on the weekend. I'm really sorry guys, but I'm really really busy!.
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Announcement # 13

Announcement # 13

Hey guys, I've been wanting to make a secrets post days ago, but we don't have enough secrets, we only have 6 =( I'll wait until tomorrow to make the post with or without secrets... but I hope we can make it at least to 10 secrets for tomorrow :D.

So, if you haven't submitted your secrets, you still have time to do it :D
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Announcement # 12

Announcement # 12

Why another Beatles community on LJ?:

We started this community because we love the intelligent discussions on johnheartpaul but we wanted there to be a place where we could discuss all the Beatles.

What's a "Beatle Couch?":
We're a bunch of friends just hanging out on a couch talking about the Beatles. And sometimes, we may "put a Beatle on the couch."

What do we talk about here?:
Anything goes, so long as it's related to the Beatles: news, songs, movies, pictures, quotes, fanfic. Obviously, we focus on the Beatles themselves, but we can also discuss wives, girlfriends, roadies, managers, and of course, George Martin.

If you wanna join... go here: beatles_couch

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